About Me - Not Crazy Nana

As a busy Nana, I’m constantly juggling my roles of Mother, Wife, Nana, Corporate Career, Crafter, Athlete, and most of all a Planner, Planner, Planner.  It is part of how I live my busy life, not how I control my life.

My grandmother was a huge influence on my life. I could even say that she was my first life coach. She taught me the things I was interested in but did not force me to learn from her when I was not engaged. I hope to pass on any advice that you are interested in.

With over 25 years of corporate experience and an MBA, I raised children while working and I know that you can too.  

Digital products and crafts are my stress-reliever. At some point, smaller craft shows will be on the agenda as I add inventory to Etsy. 

Dirt therapy in the yard helps me stay centered as it calls to the farmgirl that I once was a long time ago. We were blessed with a huge amount of yardwork when we purchased a home that had only been owned by the architect and his family. They were of more advanced age and had let a lot of the yard fall apart.

Pilates, Yoga, Golf, Bicycling, and Walking the dog help keep me fit. Occasionally, I participate in a fun 5K. 

It would make my day to connect with you on your fave network below. 

Whatever you do, do you!

Not Crazy Nana